Help me Please, can't get on to any servers.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Deadsin12, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. So I just got my account for EMC and I tried logging onto a server and it said "Failed Login:Bad Login" what does that mean and how can I fix it?
  2. Sign out of minecraft, than sign back in :) that's it :)
  3. relog, restart your computer. :)
  4. Thanks! I'll try it!
  5. Oh and can you tell me if the Too Many Items mod is against the rules?
  6. Thanks alot!
  7. Yes it is against the rules.
  8. There is a forum for allowable mods... Too Many Items is very bad... If you even try to spawn 1 thing in... You have a chance of punishment.
  9. By the way, welcome to The Empire
  10. Um one time I found 7 turrets in my chest (From The Turret Mod, which I disabled), but I threw it away. Do I still get banned for this?
  11. Thrown in lava... Idk probably not banned.
  12. I learned my lesson on this server. Griefing and spamming is bad.
  13. TMI is illegal, but if you have it up there is no punishment. You cant spawn anything from it if you tried. And welcome to EMC.
  14. How do you even get items from mods into the server? :/
  15. No, Mods with items don't spawn in the server since the server doesn't have that mod.

    If you have TMI it doesn't matter since you can't spawn anything.
  16. No! Not kidding! I, literally, found the turret item icon in my chest, with the 7 number next to it. It put it to my hotbar, and it looked like a item when I switched to it
  17. That is so weird!
  18. Thanks for all the help guys, I was really worried about my TMI mod and stuff, and thanks for the warm welcomes! I need some help around getting started, maybe some exploring buddies so if anyone interested in being friends I'm totally up for it!
  19. You could be my youtube partner maybe... I was hoping to make an EMC survival series.