help me moderator plz

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  1. i was in the wild in smp7 and when i logged in today i found out that i was falling to my death. but when i logged off last i had a platform under me. this is a spot a group of people including me were building got griefed. if i can have some help that would be nice
  2. Some things you should know:

    1. As it stands now, moderators don't have any sort of 'block history log', so we cannot just look and see what blocks were broken or moved when and by whom.

    2. The best way to report any griefing is a PM to a Moderator, especially if you aim the thread towards The Moderation Team.

    3. Unfortunately, unless you have visual proof or at least have an idea of the assailants' names, we have absolutely no way of helping you out.

    If you'd like to learn how to obtain visual proof of the griefers (If you ever happen to catch one) Please refer to this thread:
  3. Green, the bigger issue is that before he logged off, he was on some sort of a floating platform. Now he is going to die because he's falling a really long distance. At least that's what I gathered.
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  4. Correct crazy
  5. so put him at spawn?
  6. But what's to say he's not dying in lava and wants an easy way to live?
  7. then after hes teleported he should still be burning for a short time
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  8. even so he wouldnt lose life
  9. At the bottom of a lake, falling off a cliff, ect.
  10. then why not let him die, dont have him respawn, and let green tp to his dead body, then investigations can begin :3
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  11. if he hasn't hit the ground check his health. he would swim up. look for a near by cliff from the original spawn location.
  12. Lol..
  13. It isn't really in our power to rescue players from the wild, just from on top of the nether bedrock if they get stuck.
    If you know your location you could arrange a friend to meet you at the coords and collect your stuff if you die.
    It sucks someone removed the platform you were on when you logged off though, hope you make it. :)
  14. I logged on for a second and I fell about 50 blocks in a couple seconds I'm for sure going to die... It will be impossible for someone to get my stuff because I'm on an island about 10000blocks away from the outpost. In an ocean biome
  15. If your in an ocean biome and its 2 deep you'll be fine
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  16. Things that make ya go hmmm!
  17. I believe that if he got rid of EVERYTHING he should be able to "reset" so that he restarts and he starts off as a beginner and has to do the tutorial and everything.
  18. Hang on a second, can't he still use the free vault? Or did that end?
  19. he couldn't vault everything by the time he hit the ground anyway
  20. If it makes you feel any better, I had all my things packed before the wild reset, and I logged in one last time. Some awesome person blew my castle to pieces and filled it with lava right were I saved.

    People do dumb things, so what? You can always get more, better tools. ;D