Help me guys.. il pay with RUPEES! <3

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  1. Okay.. so i want someone to make me a background or somthing.. that looks AMAZING.. i want it to be something with my name in it thou.. "Me VoiD".. please send me your creations if you do it.. which i hope you will :( and if i like it i shall pay you 30K.. but if you send me one il give you 1000 :3 just so you didnt do it for nothing.. Also i dont know if this is allowed in the forums.. but i guess i will find out! :D
    Thanks guys <3
    Also screen resolution..
    1280 x 800

  2. as equinox_boss, he did a good one for faith caster, and he only got 2k
  3. I'll post a pic here later.:)
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  4. Thanks man :)
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  5. Would you like it to have you name in it?
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  7. yes
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  8. No one? an Hour and a half leftt :)
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  9. Making one now
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  10. I would make a really good one but I am on vatcation without a computer. If you want to wait 7-8 days I can make a good one.
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  11. I want to see some examples, just so I can get some ideas. Is it OK if i send it in a tad bit late? :) Or are the pictures not posted in this thread, only in PMs?
  12. umm i dont know.. its 935 and i havnt got anyones yet.. you can post it in the forums here or pm them to me.. i guess i can wait and decide a while later on who will get the 30k.. i just want the picture to be focused on my name.. Me VoiD
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  13. OK, is it alright if it is not super epic? I cant do cool fonts and all that, but I can make it look nice.
  14. Ugh I could tottaly make one but I'm on vacation (I need 30k I'm going to buy a spawner and make it public(mabye))
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  15. YES. I can make one(mabye) would u like ur names font to be Disney?
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  17. ahh i wanted more like something cool with like my name only not EMC ... i mean its cool.. but i wanted just my name but kinda big and like.. look really cool.. you know what i mean? but you will still get at least 1k:)
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  18. umm i dont know .. its not really about the FONT guys.. its more like something to be made in cinema 4D or something or photoshop or something like that.. i can make a black background and write my name in it with a cool font.. thats not what im asking..
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  19. ive already done this :)
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  20. (It's based on a NASA image, so it's public domain; link)