Help me Dig under my res

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  1. So I need ppl who I know and trust to help me dig under my res. I need ppl to dig under my res all the way to bed rock you will get paid 500r. I need three ppl to do it.
  2. Follow the dirt path
  3. 500r for this activity is underpriced I would ask SS or get the voucher. This will cost more then 50k for one
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  4. Are tools going to be provided? And you might want to state a res number (just for convenience) :)

    Ninja'd :p
  5. My res number is 12687 SMP6
  6. I'm willing to do it if there is a proper payout. 500r is literally scraps, so unless you are willing to raise that, I'll pass.
  7. 5k?
  8. I mean its not that much its not the entire res under
  9. You said it was the entire thing to bed rock...
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  10. ya but over a course of time Its close to bed time
  11. I understand how frustrating it is to get all that dirt removed from under the res, so i will be willing to add an extra 20k pay for it :)
  12. Instead of hiring 100 people and have them do it over a week, why not buy the Dirt Removing Ticking Tock and get it over with in hours? By the way I'm selling it ;)
  13. Not everyone has that kind of money.

    @OP I'd try to do it on your own, I doubt anyone would do it for that low of a budget so your best bet would be to spend that 5k on a few shovels and have at it.