Help me! Chest's and scrolling.

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  1. I use a mac to play Minecraft. And so, because I hate the mac mouse, I have adapted to using the little finger-touch thingy. However, I would like to say that I tried plugging in a mouse and this bug did not change.

    Basically, I cannot take anything out of my inventory or containers. The only way to pick the item up is to click and hold, but then all I can do of course is just drag the item across the screen, spreading it out. I can still place and break blocks, just not move them in the GUI's. I believe that this is actually related to the cursor, because when you go into your inventory, your cursor goes from a cross to a normal mouse cursor. When I go to scroll down through my server list (I have all 10 EMC servers :)) I have to take the mouse, click and hold the scroll bar, and drag it down. I cannot just put two fingers on the little finger-touchy thingy and scroll like that, nor can I use a mouse wheel. Has anyone else been having these problems? This is an important issue, as it is greatly hindering my building. Thanks!
  2. Is your shift key stuck? Close mc and reopen.
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  3. Is this a recent problem or was it always like this? Open your options and see if you're in Touchscreen mode - I've accidentally turned it on before and it's annoying as heck.
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  4. I've tried that, nothing happens. I also changed my sneak key and such to a different button, but things did not changed. Thank you for the ideas, though.
    Earlier today I was on Minecraft and it was fine. Yet when I came on recently in the day the problem had appeared. I will try your idea.

    Edit: Yes! Thank you so much, touchscreen mode was on, I must have clicked it by accident. Your right, that was annoying as heck. :p
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  5. This used to happen to me when I had touchscreen mode on. Turning it off solved it :)
  6. And here I was thinking I had run into some evil virus or bug... :)
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  7. Yeah I thought my minecraft was 'broken' (give me a break it was my first week of buying the game) but then I read on the forums that it's just touchscreen :)