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  1. I have downloaded it and extracted it, but I can't get it to work. please make a tutorial

    This is the screen it gets stuck on
  2. 1 word: Google.

    You don't need an EMC player to custom make you a tutorial, just google search I guarantee you that one of the most well known mods out there will have at least a dozen tutorials that fit your situation.
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  3. I haven't had the best luck with that
  4. I am guessing your system is a 64 Bit. Did you accidentally install 32 bit? If so, uninstall THAT, and install 64bit. If it still didn't work. I suggest deleting it and downloading MC Edit from a new reliable source(such as Sethbling or maybe Minecraft Forums.)
  5. I downloaded 32 bit because that is what my computer is
  6. Are you sure? If your not sure fast forward time to 2032 and if your clock resets to either 1979 or 1901 then it is 32 bit.
  7. im pretty sure it is 32 bit
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