[Help] Marlix Trouble

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  1. Okay, I was mobbing and a Marlix spawned. I followed it and landed about 10 shots on it (totally not enough to kill it probably at 25% health) I was not wearing any thorns armor or any enchantments at all on it actually. Anyways I had been shooting at it for like about 3-4 minutes and suddenly it just died. I didn't even hit it when it died, I was heading for a little barrier when it just died "Marlix has fallen" it dropped a single ordinary bone... this really bothers me because I had been waiting quite a few hours for it and I needed a good drop from it. I checked the wiki it said he shouldn't despawn for at least an hour. Will someone please explain what happened? Thank you.
  2. Sounds like your difficulty was set on a low setting...You must wait an X amount of minutes after changing it before the changed difficulty can take affect on the mob.
  3. I actually had same thing. I scored a direct hit on Marlix after a 5 minute battle and he dies. Got nothing for it.
  4. Did you had a sword or bow with fire aspect?

    If you had is that the problem, if a marlix die when it's on fire you get nothing. (I had this problem)
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  5. Marlix spawns on fire, and is immune to fire. That couldn't happen. Most likely that he was at 1 health and a bug allowed the 1 damage from fire to be dealt.
  6. There was no way he was close to death, I was at difficulty 5 and had been for the last week or so, no fire aspect on anything. Lucky bow and smite 5 looting 3 unbreak 3 knockback 2 sword. I did kill a enraged creeper along the way could this possibly of considered the Marlix to be "forgotten" or something thus he spawned out?
  7. This has happened to me several times, I thought it was because I took too long so it despawned :p
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  8. This just happened again... should we get some staff in here?

    Almost the exact same circumstances
  9. Is it at an area where there is cactus? I have had em fly into cactus, and die.
    Is it at an area with lots of trees? I have had em fly into trees, which apparently suffocated their invisible counterpart, in turn killing the marlix.

    If you change your player settings, try changing it... say to 10... wait 10 minutes... then change it back to 5. See if that helps.