Help make or test an adventure map!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CubesAndPi, May 18, 2012.

  1. Video on how to get to the adventure map:

    So i guess ill make it quick. This is the spawn of my res (9294):

    And when u climb the ladder you get here:

    To play the map, you go through a teleport like this:

    And you'll end up somewhere like this:

    Your main goal is to escape from that room and move on. But here where you come in. I want to make this a map with levels from people all over the empire. So far Timmis900 and I are the only ones that have build levels. And theres a lot of space left...

    So if ur interested in building a level, try out the ones that already exist, and when ur ready, message me and we can arrange something! And if you just want to test it out and have (hopefully) some fun, just complete the 3 levels we have right now and message comment with some feedback if you want to.
  2. Nice Adventure Map
  3. I'd be happy to help. :)
  4. What server is your res on?
  5. smp4, but i wont be on just yet
  6. If you want to make an adventure map in single player I would be glad to make a video review of it... just as long as it doesn't have too many redstone gadgets or jumping puzzles :D
  7. oh no no this will be on smp4
  8. Ok if u guys want to help build a level please be on smp4 and meet at the spawn point of res 9294 at exactly 10:00 AM central time.
  9. i cant be on, but i have an idea!

    maybe an open maze, but the "walls" are RTS pads back to start?
  10. why not? i have lots of room
  11. Make a teleporter room. a crap ton of pads everywhere, only 5 out of 30 teleports u to net level.
  12. Hm. I'll mess around with some designs in Single Player. Any size limit?
  13. i would prefer if it was 7 blocks high or lower. the limits for length and width are quite lenient though.
    If interested in building, please get to the spawn point of 9294 at smp4 within 2 minutes
  14. Chapter 1 is done! thanks to timmis900 and Diamond_viper111 for helping out with construction! Chapter 2 is ready to be built!

    Heres a quick promo i made (srry for cheesy music :p)