[Help make a map] An EMPIRE Puzzle

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  1. So, I felt like us doing something a bit different. This has probably been done before, but meh, it's fun. Instead of just a few of us making a map, my idea is what we make a map as the Empire (with credit given where credit is due, of course). This map will be published on Planet Minecraft/Minecraft Forum etc.

    Each area (instance) is a 40x40 (ish) cube, surrounded with bedrock. Using whatever challenge the builder of the instance decides to create, they have to get from the entrance to the exit, using whatever is given to them by the creator.

    To Instance Builders
    • You can build as many instances for the map as you'd like!
    • Make an effort with your instance. If you don't, it won't be added.
    • Keep inside the bedrock box. However, for external redstone, you may go 3 blocks left/right from any wall on the outside, and any x/y co-ords.
    • Don't use the following items: Map, Empty Map, Fishing Pole, Command Blocks, Mob Spawners
    • Make sure that outside the box or the isn't visible at all.
    • Don't break the bedrock. The one exception is to mark the entrances/exit.
    • Your instance can use any elements to complete it. Example themes: parkour, redstone challenge, general puzzles, etc. Just make sure it's possible!
    • One entrance/exit only please. :) Make sure you can only access the exit when you finish your challenge.
    Use the Template
    Submitting Your Instance
    When you've made your instance, zip it and upload it to a file sharing site (eg: MediaFire/Dropbox). Then, post the following form below:

    Then, send me a PM with the following form:
    Not sure if I've been completely clear, but hopefully I have been. Good luck to all that wish to be involved. :)
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  2. Sounds fun. I'll download it when I get a chance.
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