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  1. hello everyone :D
    i am having some trouble with the macro mod so i hope some people can help me :p
    now i wana use this mod to craft stuff
    because i do have a lot of farms and its a pain to craft a ton of melons/temple blocks and so on
    so i got as far as the script $${CRAFT(item name, ammount)}$$
    but when u use this script it goess really slow :/
    it crafts 1 item at a time
    now i dont wanna make this over powered because i know the rules
    but i can craft 10 times faster then this script, just by using stacks to craft the item

    anyone know how to make this faster?
    thanks in advance :)

    i'm sorry if my english isn't perfect.
  2. The macro rules is that it has to be 1 player action = 1 click of a macro so if you craft something 20 times you need to have clicked that macro 20 times. I don't know a lot about them i just know that you cant have something craft 100's of dc with 1 push of a button.
  3. i know but you can craft 64 chests while only moving 8 stacks of wood
  4. still in need of help :/
  5. That's true but I also read the rule as not how many stacks you can move to be crafted but how many items will be crafted. One click = One craft item only.
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  6. well if the rule was meant that way
    then i find it a bit weird that autocraft mod (only exist in 1.8) was approved
    since you hit 1 button and it crafted all item it could craft at the same speed you could craft them by hand
    just no need to click
  7. I agree.
  8. To my understanding any autocraft mod needs to be equal or slower than a player can craft according to the rules
  9. i know
    i'm not looking to get it faster that normal playing
    i just want to get it as fast as a normal player can craft
    but how it is now it makes a stack of chest in a minute, and i'm pretty sure i can make like 9 stacks at least in 1 minute
  10. Yah i know that you know, i was just explaining the God_Of_Gods. On the other hand, i have very little knowledge about macro mod
  11. thanks anyway :)