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  1. Hey everyone, ive been trying to access my screenshots on a Mac but I can't :zp
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. If it is minecraft screen shots follow this. Finder, Library, Application support, minecraft, screenshots, then bam you have them.
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  3. yep i agree
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  4. When I go to finder i see no button called library.
  5. If you dont see a libarry button, hit finder, then go to the top of your screen and hit GO, you can choose library from there.

  6. There ya go :)
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  7. You don't see library because you are using OSX Lion and they removed it
    From the
    List :3
  8. Ok I got it thanks for all the help :D
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  9. Np :)
  10. an easier way is to press shift, control, three. the screenshot will appear on your desktop.
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  11. Now I need mre help :p
    Where do i find he picture when I click upload a file.
  12. You have to upload the picture to imgur first :p then copy the url to here :)
  13. ok thanks
    EDIT- now where do i find it when i try to upload it :p
    sorry ive been using this mac for less than a week and never used one before :p
  14. You don't necessarily need to use Imgur unless its in a PM, on a thread you can use the upload a file button next to post reply. Once you find the screenshot in the folder using the tricks shown above, probably the easiest way to select them from an upload menu would be to just move them to your desktop or something before clicking upload, that way you can find them easily. There is also a command that you can type in terminal that will permanently display hidden files, I'll see if I can find it :)

    Edit: I found it. Open terminal (can be found in finder>applications>utilities) and copy and paste this in: defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES

    Once you've done that, close finder, and then hold "alt" and open it again. You should now be able to find everything the easy way you did back in Snow Leopard.
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