[HELP] Killed Friends horse

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AdinD, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. A few minutes ago, my friend and I where going on my rail road, and I shop his horse with a fire arrow as a joke, not knowing it would kill it. It was a Saltar, the promo horse. Could a moderator or admin please give him a new one some how?
  2. Admins or Moderators cannot replace the now dead horse. Sorry
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  3. The mods and admins cannot replace items like this. If it was you that killed it, you should buy him a new one, and a staff should not have to deal with it. Sorry :(
  4. :( but I thought you couldn't kill someone's horse when t hey are riding it let alone when they are not riding it.
  5. Sorry, but even so for that reason, staff cannot replace the horse. It would be good courtesy if you could get him a new one :)
  6. I cant even afford it, and now he is getting really mad and saying I killed he horse to everyone.
  7. I shall be coming to smp6 to come check.
  8. You did kill the horse though. It seems like attempting to kill someone's prized possession as a joke isn't a very good idea for a joke. You're at fault in this situation, accident or not, you should try and find some way to make it up to him even if you can't afford a new saltar.
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  9. Btw I gave him this horse a few months ago.
  10. bonzd67 is working on it. All evidence is being taken into account and staff has it from here.
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  11. Actually, a few of us are discussing it at the moment. I'm locking this thread. Please PM me to discuss if you have questions.
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