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  1. I had my alt afking at a public iron farm for about 2 hours, then it said kicked for idling to long. It is a gold supporter on utopia. Can an admin please tell me the whole story?

    Edit: account name AdinDoesGaming
  2. You cannot AFK for to long.
  3. You got kicked, just go back on, its not a huge deal
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  4. I just want to know why
    It was 2 hours, and for the first hour every 20 mins I moved around
  5. There is an anti-afk system. If you don't move for a while, the system will kick you. I recommend checking in every few minutes to move a little or you can just put something over the w key and run into a wall for a while.
  6. I thought that wasn't aloud.
  7. That's illegal...:p
  8. Moving or doing anything else while away isn't allowed, but I agree that you should move every once in a while. :)
  9. If AFK coasters aren't illegal—I remember a big thing about this back when I was a moderator—then walking into a wall shouldn't be illegal, either. Especially since walking into a wall poses a much greater personal risk.
  10. Ignore that last part then. I wasn't sure but i figured it would be alright. :p
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