[ HELP ] Keyboard Problems

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by deathconn, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Well recently my keys on my key board have gotten somewhat "stuck". By this I mean it stops randomly when I am moving and sometimes I can't type in the chat. This only happens on minecraft and nothing else. I've tried restarting minecraft and restarting my computer but nothing seems to be doing the trick. Anyone know anything that could help? (without buying a new keyboard)
  2. I had that problem 3 months ago nothing good all I can say is restart your computer everytime it gets to that, it's wat I did and the problem became less and less and now it stopped :)
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  3. I got this frequently before. It usually crashed right after, and I rebooted my computer too. After the third or so time it crashed, it fixed it self. (probably from you sending data to mojang)
  4. Are you playing on a laptop? I know a few laptops will disable keys if your hand touches the trackpad...

    If it's a desktop... what kind of keyboard are you using? My (very very old) old school Logitech has a "zooming pad" on the left side. Sometimes it can get finnicky, and will disable keys if a piece of paper touches it.
  5. I have shut my computer down as of now and I will check to see if this problem has gotten resolved in the morning.thank you for all your help and advice you gave to me. I will post back here what the results are :)