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  1. The quote seems a little on the violent side, but it's obvious he wasn't serious about it.
  2. im sick of how they are always blowing things out of proportion
  3. any half decent lawyer will get it thrown out, the threat of violence has to carry with it intent in order to be taken serious in court.
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    Why are people so stupid?????

    (First of all WHY make a post like that, and second of all, HE SAID JK AT THE END!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN WHAT SARCASM IS!!!)
  5. its clearly whatever state government he presides in trying to make an example of him. luckily supreme court very clearly defined what constitutes an imminent threat and an empty one. if it were my son i would have sued the "anonymous caller" for defamation/villification
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  6. And this is why, kids, you don't play LoL xD

    For signing the petitions, why bother. They won't care if it gets enough signatures.
  7. No Minner this is why I don't post everything on Facebook actually come to think of it I don't even use Facebook...
  8. I was joking about LoL, I have a Mac, and all my friends play it so I joke about it. Anyways, technically Facebook is owned by the government ( Facebook's Security head quit and was then hired at [some 3 letter spying on USA citizens government company, its early, i cant think :p] he also left with 6 million users data that he can access ) now so I agree, of corse I still post my opinions about the government on Facebook if you know what I mean :p
  9. I know you were joking about LoL :p I play it as well, but as you said Facebook is government owned, so I don't use it. :p
  10. I use it... Against the government.
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  11. i don't use facebook i dont see the point in it but you shouldn't make jokes like that
  12. He did say something he shouldn't have, but the most he should've gotten was a grounding from his parents or at the most a day or few hours in jail.
    I won't sign the petetion because i will not expose my zip code, City of residence, ect., but i do support it.
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  13. wrong, freedom of expression protects even threats
  14. Just like to point out 100% of websites can track you down to pretty much your street, far more accurate than what you've put above, You can also use a fake address if you so wish.
  15. Still, if the law never took action like they did, and his parents found out, he should've been punished
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  16. I think the dude was 18 or 19 and lived on his own, so his parents can't exactly ground him.

    Second this probably wouldn't have made such a huge uproar in the past as it is now, but thanks to all the people being ignored when they were bullied, being scared out of their minds about the world ending, not getting the mental health help they need and then going in and shooting up schools- it blew up. Also so many people are so quick to call the cops on people nowadays it's not even funny.
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  17. I really don't know what to say... I don't think he deserved more then a week of jail.. That's way to harsh.
    If you play with fire, you're going to get burned.

    Pretty much sums it up.
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  18. i think he should of been investigated at the very least, possibly a hefty fine for obstruction. i dont think jailtime was the way to go