[Help] Java?

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  1. Issue fixed. If you are also having issues with Java and Win10 see this post:
  2. Are you having trouble installing java or forge?
    Download and install java from the official website.
    Download the .exe version of Forge and run the installer, yes it requires Java, I did this today too infact.

    On the Minecraft Launcher, when you select profile 'Forge'
    Click Edit Profile, there are some Java Settings in the bottom half.
    Tick 'JVM Arguments'.
    Editing the first Argument from '-Xmx1G' to '-Xmx2G' or 3G, 4G however many GB you would like to allocate to Java.

    Hope you get it workng.
  3. You just need to install Java from Java.com

    Minecraft automatically installs it now due to the audience being small peoples.
  4. I am installing from Java.com and it is the correct one and everything. Many Win10 Users online have reported this issue.
  5. I've had no issue with Windows 10 and Java.. Maybe it's an update that broke it that I haven't installed
  6. The recent updates to Windows 10 has broken Java, there should be a new version out by now fixing the issue; if not go to Java.com (Make sure after download, to delete old versions of java, due to could break interface) and install an older version of Java compatible with the current PC version your on. If you need to, check their JavaBeta page and it should provide you with a somewhat stable version of Java that should fix the issue.
  7. I installed a beta version and it is working great. Tyvm :D.