[Help] iPod 4th Gen Not Charging

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  1. Hey EMC,
    A few days ago I left my iPod charging all night plugged into a Mac, thinking nothing would happen since I've been doing this for the past 1 and a half years. In the morning, the battery remained at it's 20% mark. I figured it was just the charger, so I bought a new one and left it charging for 12 hours straight. Nothing happened. I tried using 3 different chargers and 2 different adapters, but it still won't charge. Is there an easy fix? Or is this just a display bug?

    Note: Don't suggest things such as buying a new iPod, sending it to Apple for repairs (Basically all they do is get a replacement), or clearing it's data completely.
  2. Have you rebooted it? A common issue with any device is that a process will "hang" in the background and will negate any attempt at charging it. Also, have you tried using an external battery meter from the app store?
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  3. I have had issues with it before. Do not go to apple. They won't do anything unless you give them your left eyeball and half a kidney. Look for firmware updates on apple's website (I mean don't go to the apple store). If that doesn't work try to wipe it via iTunes.
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  4. I find that I can fix most problems with my apple devices by holding down both the power and home buttons. First the screen goes black and then after several seconds the apple symbol comes up on the screen, at which point you can let go of both buttons. This can take about 20 seconds or so. Hope this helps :)
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  5. I was going to say that but I only used that once. That does help most things but this seems something that seems more of an error that something like that would not fix. Sadly something like this may not be the system's problem but the hardware. The charging components may plausibly be broken.
  6. Totally agree with you. However I figured it was a good place to start :)
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  7. I just unplug it and plug it back in...a lot
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  8. Have you attempted a different USB port or a wall charger?
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  9. Had this happen with my iPad a few days ago. Plugged it into my car charger and it would charge on the way there, but when I left and then came back it was charging. My iPods, never had trouble with them.
  10. Click and hold both the home and lock button...until the boot symbol shows on the screen (Apple logo)
  11. try to do a hard shutdown when u hold the on button then slide to turn off. that sorta thing then wait a few mins and turn it back on. its happend to my ipod and it is 4th generation so it might help
  12. Forgot to mention that when I plug it in, it knows that it's being charged (The battery display appears when you turn it on) so that part isn't broken.

    Just downloaded the battery meter app, it says I have 15%.
    It still isn't charging :(
    Yes, both.
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  14. Thanks for the link! :D
    So could I just buy the new battery, and with a little time and work the iPod will have a new, fresh running battery? Or do I have to send it to Apple...

    I've tried 3 different chargers with 2 different wall plugins (As I mentioned at the top) in every possible combination, none of them worked.
  15. It is a do it yourself, but I highly suggest that as a last resort. I have heard that iPods are hard to work on. I would personally exhaust all other possibilities before looking to doing it yourself, including possibly finding a local tech who can do it for you.

    There is also a chance that your charge port is broken due to wear, which is normal. In that case, you are outta luck. :(
  16. Agreed. It is extremely difficult. A lot of malls now have small kiosks that do Apple Device repair. You just can't ever tell Apple ;)
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  17. Is it possible GameStop could change the battery?
  18. After taking a quick look, I think not. But, after analyzing your location (on your profile), it seems there is a repair shop where you live. Haha, but in all seriousness, I would check out your local craigslist (be safe, of course) and other forms of advertisement. Your "local" mall might even have a "small vendors" list.

    You might also want to look into ebay repair services, such as this one.
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  19. The iPod apparently fixed itself :D
    It died completely, so after plugging it in for a while it woke up... and it's charging now :)
    Thanks to everyone for the support :)
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