HELP! Internal Exception?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by LexiBret59, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. so i was trying to log into smp2 and this came up while logging in: Internal Read Timed Out.......... What do i do? PLEASE HELP!!
  2. Restart your PC.
  3. I think all minecraft servers or is down... I'm not sure.
  4. Just exit your client and load it up again that should fix it.
  5. It's back up dude.
  6. Sorry, I'm a bit late. It's been a few hours since I was last on minecraft. Otherwise, restart your computer. I'm a genius on macs, but not windows.
  7. I have restarted my computer and I have closed and reopened minecraft and I have tried logging in on different computers! Idk what's wrong!
  8. Restart MC
  9. What kind of Computer? As I said before, I'm a genius with macs, but a dummy at windows.
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  10. Well it says something about java! Could my java be outdated?
  11. Lexi, this happens to me all the time.1. just turn off your modem/dongle and your router if you have 1.
    2. wat for about 1 min.
    3. turn back on and wait for the internet to connect.
  12. Ok I'll try that! :)
  13. It works now!! Thanx so much! :)