[Help] Installing OptiFine on Mac

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  1. Hey EMC,
    As the title says I need help installing OptiFine on Mac with the "new" launcher.
    Basically all I want to know is which version do I download (If it matters), and what are the steps to install it.
    Any videos would also help :)
    Thanks for reading! :D
  2. I use Mcpatcher :)
  3. I use magiclauncher, don't know if you can use that on Mac though :/ It's really simple to put mods on it though :)
  4. Just got it :)
    How do you install mods with the Magic Launcher?
  5. Some couple of guys made this cool new thing called "google" try it out it will help...
  6. I use MagicLauncher, and it works great! :)

    When you're about to login, press 'Setup'. On the right, press 'Add' and select your Optifine mod - it MUST be in a .zip or .jar file or it will not work. Then launch MC and enjoy. ;)

    That's pretty rude - sometimes Google doesn't always help... Which is one of the reasons for the Help & Support forum.
  7. Thanks! :D
    It's working now :)
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  8. I used dat too :D
    It works. I have a cape. It's kewl. :p
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