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  1. I'm so far out in the wild i dont show up on the map, i don't know how to get back, and i really need help
  2. What server are you on?
    Click on your name in the live map on the right, it will pan across to you, and you can find your way back.
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  3. If Qwertyip's suggestion doesn't work, suicide by drowning/fall damage.
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  4. You can't use your vault in the wilderness. ;)
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  5. Oh. :/ I'll edit it.
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  6. What server are you on... maybe i can find you

  7. Lol, saw the edit! :D
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  8. Ya. :/
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  9. its all okay guys! thanks for all the posts though. i found my coordes and i found myself. lol. but the biggest problem was, i was scared i was gonna lose the 17 diamonds i had with me. lol. i found my way though, i think i even ran into Qwertyip on the way back. hahah. thanks again guys! i appreciate it.

    P.S. I was on server 2 :p
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