HELP Im stuck in the nether!!!

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  1. I logged into smp9, i was in the nether and when i got in only two chunks actually loaded. I thought the rest of the nether would load if walked off the edge but i fell and now im stuck in an eternall fall in the nether.:mad: If one of the admins could teleport me to the town Id be very gratefull. I love this server and i dont want to have to stop playing it because the game didnt load right.
  2. Try logging off for a while, then log in again.
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  3. This sounds hilarious....
    I wish i could help.
  4. Like what he/she said. And it's not the games fault, that probly your pc' fault.
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  5. Thanks now it loaded correctly
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  6. Good.

    Eternal fall... not very pleasant...
  7. you should die from hunger sooner or later, lol
  8. He got it fixed.
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