help im fasly acused!

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  1. help some one says i greefed and stole stuff but i didnt: i never do stuff like that. what do i do it was there 15 minets ago.
  2. wait were you banned or?
  3. Have you been banned? If no, then you have no problem.
  4. You're probably going to need to provide a bit more information if you want to get helped.
    Such as the server and who's involved.
    But either way, I don' think I can help you.
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  6. nomnonmnomnomn
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  8. oops didnt mean to use caps
  9. If you weren't banned, don't worry about it. Staff have to have evidence in order to ban you. So if you didn't do it, there will be no evidence, therefore you will not be banned.
  10. Ahem... I just have one thing to say: What grade are you in, is spelling even a valid question here?
  11. He was asking a question. His grammar and spelling does not have to be perfect for him to post on the forums. And since you care so much about grammar, try putting 2 questions into 2 separate sentences.
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  12. -shrugs- Just saying. And I like connecting things.... Oh well. It just hurt my eyes, I mean... Never mind it