HELP! I need advice!

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  1. HELP!
    On my single-player world (creative) I am making a gold farm that I might make on EMC if it is successful. Now, here is where I am stuck:
    I don't know how to make the pigmen from staying on the portals to falling down! They are not voluntarily doing it, so how can I make them?
    Please comment, but only helpful ones!
    ^Note: the main walls aren't up so do not say 'oh, your walls aren't built' or unhelpful comments.^^^
  2. Portals generally are supposed to have a 1 block width, not several portals clumped together. When it's just 1 block width the pigment end up pushing each other off or the spawn falling off
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  3. The maximum I have is two, I'll change it. Thanks!