Help! I got banned :'(

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by cjwheeler7798, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. I was banned for saying "faggot" a couple times. You can ask anyone on the server. I don't cuss at all.
    This one guy was raggin on my shop saying how its overpriced, nothing's in stock, ect. and i blew my top.
    Please someone help! I wanna play on EMC again! Its taken me forever build my shop and res and i dont want it all gone because of one word. Please help!

    Res number 8875
  2. I'd say you got exactly what you deserve you filthy heterosexual.
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  3. So your sure you dont cuss?
  4. No i dont cuss. I dont consider Faggot a cuss word. Maybe others do. I don't know. Thats the first time ove blown my top like that and i'd really like to play on EMC again
  5. Who banned you xD?
  6. "Faggot" is a mean term to describe homosexuals, and I think we have at least one on our severs. Its offence and should not be said anywhere.
  7. Im not sure i forget the name. It was an offline moderator. Nurse something i believe.
  8. Firstly, if you want to appeal a ban you have to pm the mod who banned you, not make a public forum post. Secondly, you said more than just that word. And it wasn't just general, it was directed at another player.
  9. That was NurseKilljoy.
  10. We don't appreciate bigots who think that term is fine to use. Sorry, but I think you got what you deserved. Also, this is not the proper way to appeal a ban.
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Not open for further replies.