Help, I can't tame horses!

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  1. Well, the title says most of it. SILVERMAN2 was having a similar problem. No matter how much I try, I can't tame a horse. I sat on one for 3 minutes and nothing happens. It doesn't move, it doesn't buck me off, and it just won't get tamed.
  2. I would try to stable it, if you can it is tamed and if you can't then... I think this happened to me once where I had to sit on a horse for a minute to get it to like me.
  3. I stabled a wild horse then got it out and I still couldn't control it. I couldn't walk, turn or jump.
  4. I think all you could do is go on it (make sure you have a saddle on it) and leave the game for 5 minutes and see if it works.
  5. What are your particles set to? If the are on minimum you will not see the "taming hearts" otherwise I have no idea. PS: a trick to see if its tamed is try opening your inventory well on the horse. This works because you can only open your inventory on a tamed horse.

    Like canuckshockey said, you will not be able to ride a tamed horse without a saddle.
    EDIT: you will still be able to ride the horse but will not be able to control it. Excuse any mistakes as this was typed late night on an iPad.
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  6. If you are on it for an excessive amount of time, dismount and try again.

    Make sure it is fully grown! Feed it sugar, as it is very easy to obtain.
  7. I use wheat, but sugar works too
  8. Both work. I use sugar because I have a sugarcane farm.
  9. I've had this happen with horses on my res. Make sure you didn't miss its tameing by hitting e on the horse, if you can't open inventory and it just won't tame eggify it, respawn it and feed it GE sugar to make it grow super fast then attempt tameing again. This has worked for me
  10. Or apples :p
    Sugar is easiest to start with, I just spam feed it sugar (it takes about 40 to get it fully grown from a baby then some i think)
    Then get on it, press e to check, ride it around some more if it didnt take, then out a saddle on it when I can.
  11. Or, if it doesn't buck you off for a bit, see if it has a name.
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  12. Where did you find this horse. Try on SP to see if its a Minecraft problem.
  13. Apples? I could never cut down enough trees for that to happen. :p

    Also, am I the only one who uses 'b' instead of 'e' for inventory?
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  14. Maybe you need to put a saddle on it first? How about that :p?
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  15. I know how to grow a horse, I know almost everything about them, I just can't tame it if I try.