Help! I can't login to Minecraft/ Mojang!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Saturnborn, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Help! Just over an hour ago I was on EMC but now it says 'Sorry, your username or password is incorrect!'. So I went to and tried to login there... still didn't work. It said my email address or password was not recognized. Then I went to the Mojang website and reset my password over 5 times! Every time it doesn't work! Anybody knows why??
  2. I would contact mojang support by phone, that is your best bet.
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  3. Ninja'd

    But any ways, there should be a contact button in which you can change your password and stuff.
  4. Try to recover it using your email at if that doesn't work and it won't reset using your email, I'd do what LtCaptainMe suggested and give them a call.
  5. Something happened earlier where it didn't work if you had num lock on. Try turn it off
  6. I had this same problem a couple days ago. It ended up solving itself after a couple hours. Calling them wouldn't hurt, but I wouldn't freak out.