help i cant join?

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  1. i am trying to join the server but i can and it has been over 1min please help
  2. it means your minecraft is not working wich mean restart ure minecraft until it works
  3. Or that the servers are down.
  4. Which version are you trying? You need to use 1.6.2 or 1.6.4, I believe, definitely not 1.7.2.
  5. 1.7.2 is not yet compatible. you have to use 1.6.4 is you are using 1.7 so refer to
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  6. Im getting Bad Login and i have deleted minecraft 2 times and downloaded it again but it still aint workin >.<
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  8. Me too, it also says bad login.
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  9. Nvm, 4 time I downloded minecraft worked :D
  10. I dont have the patience to do that... RainbowCooler.jpg sorry i had to :3
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