Help! I can't join!

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  1. I am having trouble joining any server. I must be my problem but I was wondering if any of you happened to know how to fix it. Solved!!
    Help please!
  2. Everyone is having that. Please be patient
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  3. Oh thank Gosh!
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  4. yep thats my problem right now!
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  5. I always see people say that screenshot including 'sessionID=#'s' gives away personal info, so I suggest you delete it just to be safe. Anyway, you can check this site to see if it's fixed, everything will be green when that's the case
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  6. Well... when all else fails wait and play SP.
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  7. i just got that and messaged a mod
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  8. OMG pern...
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  9. Help help I can't get up guess I need life alert :p
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  10. So how are other people on?
  11. they were on before if they come of now same thing will happen to them
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  12. No one log off!!
  13. i logged off as i got on this forum
  14. i can't even get on my server!!!

    NOTCH fix it!

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  15. they were on before the problem happened. they'll figure it out. lol
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  16. Jeb works on Minecraft now. Notch started a space-y Minecraft thing and scrolls. Also, Jeb doesn't have control over the servers - Mollstam does.
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  17. tis fixed... i think
  18. Notch will fix it... I mean Jeb :D