Help i cant join server!

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  1. I couldn't find where on the website to type in the code it showed on my minecraft game screen...and now it doesn't show the code... and it only says failed to log in when i try. How am i going to join this server now?
  2. I dont completely understand this problem... What is it saying when you try and log in? Possibly restarting minecraft could help.
  3. I agree to pwncreeps, please give us some more information we can work with
  4. Close your minecraft and try again
  5. Doesn't work?
    Kick it!
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  6. I'm already registered & been on the servers for some time.

    I'm having issues on Server 7 recently. I got knocked off because of a "Time Out Error" & my client is saying "Can't Reach Client" on my server list despite the server being up (based on the website).

    I've already rebooted my client with no change. Could somebody on the staff look into this issue, since I'm playing exclusively on Server 7? Otherwise, I hope the issue just "goes away" on it's own.
  7. i am having a problem getting on smp7 atm

    i have all things to see if its my end