HELP- How to make Building Plans from mcedit, binvox, blender?

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  1. Hi everyone.
    I've had some "wickedly cool" and ridiculously huge structures floating about in my brain for while.
    This morning I used the 3d modeling tool Blender to create one such item.
    I even got it importing correctly into a single player MC world via mcedit.

    But to build these things on EMC I will need a team of people, and easy to follow plans.
    I've been able to view things in various tools but haven't found a way yet to export all of the vertical "slices" so that a team of people could collaborate on such a build.

    Does anyone have any tools or techniques you're able to share to assist me and my outpost members in this task?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm not familiar with the tools you've said you have used. However, I believe you can use Schematica to have an outline of the build so players can work on it.
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  3. Thanks! Could you edit your reply with a link to that tool. :)

    EDIT: Found it after a bit of searching. It has a prereq that's also mentioned on the page I linked.
  4. EDIT 2: Just watched the demo vid... very cool. Will try it soon.
  5. Here are the steps I used.
    1. Create the 3D model in blender.
    2. Export the model as Wavefront (obj) format.
    3. Use binvox to convert the model into a schematic.
    binvox -d 192 my-model.obj -rotz -bi 17 -t schematic
    -d 192 sets the max dimensions in this case tree height would have been over 255 starting at sea level.
    my-model.obj is the blender model exported as a wavefront obj file in step 2.
    -rotz corrects for the MC misnaming of axes. Most every other 3D software calls the vertical axis Z, not Y.
    -bi 17 sets the block id to oak wood.
    - t schematic exports the result as a minecraft schematic file.
    4. Copy the file to the schematics folder for schematica in MC.
    5. Then use the Schematica plugin/mod to build it in MC... Or MCEdit if you're on a single player world.
    If anyone has an easier to use tool, or simpler set of steps to follow, please post them here. Thanks!