[HELP] How my cat recovered from a snake bite (and tips!)

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  1. Hello guys! As some may know our cat was bitten by a Snake!
    Alot of you guys gave me Encouregment and small bits of Advice, including Calling the Vet, And doing other little things, ultimately I wouldn't of called the Vet if one of you didn't suggest it, and my Cat Silver may not still be here D: But she is! :D She is moving around, eating, drinking, she still falls over as her back legs still arn't quite working. But she is definetely agited which the Doctor said was an etxtremely good sign :D

    Just to let you know we didn't get any Anti-Venim OR take her to doctors for pain killers or anything. This is second time she has been bitten by a Snake, and the first time we didn't take her Either.

    If you are in this situation, feel free to message me as we have been through it a few times before. And before you freak out and feel like you need to pay the 1500$ There are a few things you should take into consideration

    1: 66% of Cats with Snake Bites survive without ANY Anti-Venim
    2: Anti-Venim can cause long lasting Side Affects, which may be worse then just playing it out and seeing.
    3: You generally will need to get Anti-Venim within 4 hours of your Cat being bitten, and considering it will be paralysed, it may be hard to even find your cat.
    4: With the Anti-Venim, the chances are around 85%, thinking about it, you only increase your chance for 20 odd %.S
    Note: It will be advised, if you are a decently wealthy person that you do take your cat to get Anti-Venim, as long as it is within 4-6 hours, otherwise it won't be that effective, and is better to just play it out and do as is recommended, which I will post below this now.

    Things we did:

    First of all, if you can locate the Wound (We could not this time, and it is the 4th day and still can't) Bandage it between the bite and the Heart. Say it was on the Ankle of your Cat, you would put it on their Fore Leg, tight, but not to tight the cut of the Circulation.
    Next is to keep them nice and Warm. We put Silver (Our Cat) on a nice Cusion, and put 2 blankets on Her, both doubled over.
    The next step is to give her 50ml, around 4 times a day with a Syringe, making sure she is actually swallowing the Water. On around the 2nd night, or 3rd morning your Cat has been bitten, I would suggest feeding her some Chicken, or some cut up meat that your Cat likes. If they Eat it, it is actually a good sign.
    Now your cat will be paralysed for some time, up to maybe 5 days, But if it's tail starts wagging it meants it's getting "Agitated" and means it is getting better. But it isn't safe yet.
    When it starts dragging itself, or trying to stand up and collapsing, its good.

    What we did on the 3rd Day, if switch her position every 2 hours, when switching her position, give your Cat the water then. This is allowing her/him not to get all cramped up, and giving her the Water / Food then, isn't disturbing her often, as she/he Will need to be warm and rest.

    Just keep repeating these processes, and on the 3rd or 4th day, try laying he on her chest, with paws out, like a Dog would obey to the "DROP" Command (well should XD)

    If no signs of improvement are happening, your best bet would to call a Vet, or take them in the see what you should do to try to get some improvement.

    Try to identify the Type of snake it was bitten by as this will make it a lot quicker to tell the Vet then to do some blood tests and Urine Samples. This way the Vet can give you some more accurate information on precisely what to do

    I would like the Thank all of EMC who has supported, Encouraged and given Advice! Ulitmately EMC has saved my cats life, as we would not of called up the Vet and got vital information!


    :D :D
  2. Great to see your cat has recovered.
    Prevention is better than cure after all. Try to monitor her movement and locate the snake's nest.
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  3. I am truly glad to hear this and thanks for posting this valuable information for others to see. Hope your cat sees continued good health!
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  4. Could you edit the title and add something likes "+ Tips" on the end? Would make it a bet better suiting :)
  5. Hows that? :)
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  6. Good :D Thanks :)
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  7. Great to see all went well for your cat! :)
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  8. Glad to hear that your cat survived magic man... Twice bitten? Guess it has 7 more lives left!
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  9. I love my pet and today she ate a grape (which can be toxic for small dogs) so we took her to the vet and we was okay. Glad to hear that your pet survived too
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  10. Good to hear she's okay :D