[Help] How much is this "Super Dragon Poop" worth?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FDNY21, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. So guys, I managed to obtain myself one of these:
    I know there is no definite price for it as it could not be bought, but does anyone know a rough price of how much these are?

    *Note, this is not for sale, I just want to know my items value, thanks everyone :) ~FDNY21
  2. I'm not too sure, but I think they'd go around the 15k mark. In between 8k-20k would be a rough estimate.
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  3. Thanks, I shall see if any others have any better idea, and I love your sig :) ~FDNY21
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  4. Yes, i would say more close to the 20k mark FDNY
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  5. I wonder where you got that
  6. Would you say its about 17k haro? :)
    Thanks BTH ~FDNY21
  7. I can say that I would have charged more if it wasn't you.. :rolleyes:
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  8. I've saw one go for 50k, but I think that was just a one off...
  9. Thanks guys ~FD
  10. I sold mine for 39k to chickeneer in an auction... There really is no defined price, just a demand on if a player wants it bad enough :)
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  11. We're did you even find it?
  12. Under a dragon, or where a dragon's been :)
  13. I've seen most of them go between 15k and 20k and then if you have any regular dragon poops those go between 5k and 10k I believe. Maybe more maybe less. It all depends on how rare they are now. I'm not sure how many have been introduced into the economy.
  14. hmm...I heard something different? Ive had several tell me its ICC disguising as a dragon then dropped it on randoms at smp1, some said when you look at one they drop them, and now this, under a dragon or where it has been :confused: I am very confused...mod or admin care to tell me? hehe
    17k well spent ~FDNY21