Help.... how do i talk and claim??

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  1. So im trying to play but.... whut do i use for chat to claim a area? i tryd the T button like on mine craft but nothing happend... help .__.
  2. you use the default is t ou might have changed it in the controls. and for claiming a re you type in chat /res claim
  3. I always hit /, and backspace if I'm talking. Check your controls.
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  4. If you have completed the res you should be able to find an open res by using /res open. If not I agree with the posts above, it is most likely that you're keys are changed and that the talk keys is not "t" by default. When trying to type in a command though, if you start with a forward slash than it will start a phrase with the "/" so you can type in the command quicker.
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  5. your default chat key is wither T or C
  6. Why not read the empire guide before asking? You're supposed to do that in the tutorial. What do newbs do these days, run through all the passages until they find the right one?
  7. thought it was web to minecraft not the normal minecraft multiplier as of told to be... sry guys and ty