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  1. i get banned for type in chat blow ***(im sorry for that) and i get banned can i know for how many times ? (sorry for rude english) ty
  2. please message a moderator, making a topic wont help :)
  3. 1st: If this is not a ban appeal (which doesnt seem like) it's totally ok for him to do such threads.
    2nd: You can check for how long you got banned just by trying to join the servers, there will be a screen with the info in there.

    I checked it and it seems that your permantly banned from EMC servers because of "rude and inappropiate chat" and as you are a new member i believe there will be no unban in your case, just 7 hours ago you had to read the rules and it seems like your behaviour was not according to such statement, i'm sorry but it doesnt seem like you are getting unbanned.
  4. so i can do nothing ? im really sorry for my attitude,all my friends play here and they make a expensive house >_> plz unban me T_T
  5. Seriously, pay attention:
    And read this.
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  6. Just as a last thing:
    Don't keep asking for getting unbanned here, it might get you a forums ban...
    Also: Mods please close this :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.