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  1. i was in my house and i hav my res perms set to default and some guy came into my house and took everything from my chests to then i said give it ALL bak ****** then 30 min later i got banned for 3 days!!!! im sure even the mods would do that if he took everything including 26 diamonds! i want to talk to a mod or even an admin RIGHT NOW
  2. Try contacting JustinGuy instead of making a thread about it, also if you remember the person who took your things then that would help [Even a snap shot to prove it.] :3
  3. i would take a snapshot but im banned now :(
  4. Well I ment when they took your things.
  5. You were likely banned for foul language, considering the asterisks in your post. Secondly, as far as we know, there's absolutely no way to take things from your chests without having permissions to do so on your residence.

    Finally, this is not the way to appeal a ban OR to get help from a moderator about something like this.
    See this thread:
    for the proper procedure.
  6. The right way to go about appealing a ban, or for catching a wrong doer is to contact a moderator via PM. I'm not sure how someone could take stuff from your residence with out perms.. but I'm not going to get into that.
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  7. thnx guys im not sure how to pm yet but i posted it on justins wall thingy
  8. Click on his name and at the top it should say "Start a Conversation"
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  9. ok i found how thnx so much hayley
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  10. "piggy, im pumped" u know pewdiepie?
  11. Yup! -Bro fist-
  12. This thread can be closed now.
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