Help getting out of nether on server 1?

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  1. So as so many noob's before me i am stuck in the nether on server 1 with no clear way of returning however ive found a huge black fortress of nether bricks so maybe someone has seen this before or build it? im haulin a lot of goodies and would rather not have to resort to dying any tips or directions guys??
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  2. Do you have the live map up?
  3. Also, the black fortress is a natural nether fort. Beware of Blazes, as they shoot fire balls.
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  4. Is a blaze like a ghast?? but thanls for the good idea of live map ;)
  5. A blaze is smaller than a ghast, but they're bright yellow and set fire to things. (A lot like icecreamcow). I'll see if i can build up a small rescue team, give me a bit :).
  6. No, they are smaller and look different. The only similarity is their attack method is fireballs, blazes also drop blaze rods, useful in making potions. They are able to levitate, but will fall to the ground after a little while.
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  7. i can't help you sorry i don't know about the nether (also why i don't go there)
  8. To get out, just use the live map to direct your way back to nether spawn.

    Alternatively, simply record the coordinates that you are at, put a chest filled with your items, and then die. You can come back to get your stuff later.
  9. The bad news: Palledk2 died while i was on the way to rescue him.
    The GOOD news!: I managed to 'miraculously' come across all his belongings, and store them in a chest safely! currently awaiting pall's arrival.
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  10. Enderchest anyone?
  11. awesome frankie :)

    I think he took my "die to get back to spawn" option. Unfortunately, he forgot the "put your stuff in a chest" directive XD