Help, friend got banned and we shared his res

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  1. my friend rudedog12 was banned a while ago for language and we shared his res on smp6, after he was told he was being banned he left me a message that said i could continue using his res. It used to be a shop and we would split the prophit but now i want to make it an animal farm. Unfortunatelly he never gave me the breed flag on his res. I was wondering if u cold give me the breed flag for his res now that he is banned? Please help. - GJLCRAFTER
  2. I'm PRETTY sure under normal circumstances, the res is going to have to be unclaimed and wiped.....
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  3. As stated since the player was banned some time ago, it would be wise to remove any of your belongings from the res before it is reset and you lose everything.
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  4. if i showed u a screen shot of what he said on signs could we change that, i dont care if it is wiped but would dtill like to be able to use it for other projects
  5. If he appeals everything on the res will be wiped and gone forever, But if he doesn't appeal or it is unsuccessful the res will be unclaimed and a new player can claim the residence.
  6. 2013-02-04_16.41.15.png over on the right the sign says "GJL, Have my res..." is there anyway i could still keep it even if it is reset for other purposes?
  7. so theres mo way :(
  8. No, unless you become a gold or diamond supporter you will not be able to claim the res as yours, now after a certain number of days it will be reclaimed and a blank slate for someone new to use.

    That's not saying that you can't work out a new deal with someone else who claims the res.
  9. Unfortunately for you, you wont get anything. That is why they advise against sharing res's with people.
  10. Even he does become a Supporter, there is no way for the res to become his, whatever happens form this point forward, the res will probably get reset at some point.
  11. I meant it as in once the res has been unclaimed, he could then claim the res and use it for other projects.
  12. But as it has been reset and unclaimed, it seems pointless, he could just claim any other empty lot.
  13. Maybe he likes the location, the view, or whatever. I'm not saying that once it has been unclaimed to go claim that specific res, I was just trying to come up with a solution to his dilemma.
  14. You should also talk to a mod or admin about this because it has happened that people retrieving stuff from a player whose res was going to be reset got banned, in their case for trying to save the banned player fro losing valuable stuff. I don't know if it would apply here but better preventing than regreting.
  15. Ya could.... Ya know... Use your own res