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  1. So, one of the first things I wanted to try last night, since I have a massive farm, is using farmer villagers to harvest/re-plant crops for me. When I spawn a villager, the baby villager immediately starts harvesting and re-planting. However, the wheat he's harvesting disappears. I'm super new at this concept as I only played on 1.8 for about a month when I first started minecraft in September. I know you can give them seeds to put into their inventory so they can replant, but I was just wondering where to find my wheat that's being harvested. Everything I've read online has said it should fall and you should use hoppers etc to pick up, but I'm not seeing it anywhere once they harvest it. Also, my adult villagers are way more reluctant than baby villagers to do any sort of farming. Any help/tips would be appreciated :).
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  2. The villagers have your wheat.
  3. Villagers have 8 inventory slots. Your villagers might be picking the wheat up. Try giving him 8 stacks of seeds instead of 1.
  4. Yeah, I assumed that. But how do I get the wheat? Do they leave it on the ground when their inventory is full or something?
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  5. Yes, they can't pick anything else up is you give them 8 stacks of seeds.
  6. I tried that :/. I dumped tons of seeds near them and they picked them up. It was well over 8 stacks.
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  7. Drop seeds on them till they stop picking them up.
  8. Okay, I'll give them all my seeds and see if that works lol. Thanks for the help.
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  9. Try tapping on them you sometimes see the wheat in the inventory
  10. I had a similar problem.
    I gave them seeds and they won't plant!

    Check it out at my res.
  11. You can say I'm a noob lol. I didn't even know villagers did that for you :3 Well, since I didn't know, I can't really help the situation...Sorry :(
  12. It may be a bug or the villagers eat the wheat.
  13. villagers cant eat stuff. they just have it.
  14. Nvmd.
    It seems that I have to "go away" for the villagers to farm.