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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to help EMC! So, I'm starting a new thing called the "EMC Help"! So, I help people on certain days, and times. It's a new thing I'm starting! Down below is all the information to know about this!

    So, this is to help new players or players that have questions. Although, I can only do this on certain days/times. Here's the days and times I can work with you:
    • Day: Friday, Time: 4:00 EMC Time - 9:00 EMC Time
    • Day: Saturday, Time: 4:00 EMC Time - 9:00 EMC Time
    • Day: Monday, Time: 4:15 EMC Time - 5:00 EMC Time
    • Day: Tuesday, Time: 4:00 EMC Time - 4:30 EMC Time
    • Day: Wednesday, Time: 4:15 EMC Time - 5:05 EMC Time
    • Day: Thursday, Time: 5:00 EMC Time - 5:15 EMC Time
    (More to be added soon!)

    Down below, in the first comment are the people who booked hours, and how much time they need. During the week I can help you every day, though. Just for 1 hour every day, though.

    To do this, you need to PM me. Link to PM me --> http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?=to/hellokittyRo! All you need to do is say what time, and what day you need help. Then, I list you down in the first comment and help you on that day.

    Hopefully, you'll do this!


    Edit: NOTICE: This Monday, there is a %50, %50 chance of a tropical storm where HKRo is and it's supposed to be bad, so Monday HKRo will not be helping, sadly.
  2. People and there times, and dates: