|HELP| Dragon Tomb Fragment Collection

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What would be optimal with the bellow setup?

10 2 vote(s) 66.7%
9 1 vote(s) 33.3%
8 2 vote(s) 66.7%
7 1 vote(s) 33.3%
6 1 vote(s) 33.3%
5 1 vote(s) 33.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. What difficulty level would be optimal for getting Dragon Tomb Fragments quickly and relatively easily with this setup?
    • Unbreaking 3 Protection 4 Diamond Armor
    • Turkey Cutter
    • Resistance, Regeneration, Strength, and Speed Beacons
    • Desert with caves bellow torched
    • Power 2 Infinity 1 Bow
    Answer in the comments, or in the poll with the optimal difficulty range. (Multiple Votes)
    EDIT: I can't get on very much so I need efficiency.
  2. Well you can have the best gear and still not be too great at fighting, so how's your melee skills? Do you prefer long range or sword skills? Your gear seems to be fine to fight enrageds and minibosses, I would play on 7 but I'm kind of crazy so you may not want to do that. Difficulty 6 seems to be a happy medium for people who are trying to get fragments relatively easy.

    I'd also suggest swapping out the turkey slicer for a looting III sword to increase the percentages of fragments dropping.
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  3. I prefer ranged. I'm alright at melee, but I lag.
  4. Difficulty 7 is actually the main one you need. 6 will only get a very minor bonus.

    double nMod = (this instanceof Netherhound) ? .5D : 1D;
                LootItem(10 *nMod, DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(4*nMod)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(9),
                LootItem(7  *nMod, DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(3*nMod)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(7),
                LootItem(1  *nMod, DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(2*nMod)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(4),
    1% for diff 4-6, 7% for diff 7-8, 10% for diff 9+

    That's for enraged.
    MiniBosses have much larger pools:

                LootItem(10, DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(8, 16)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(10),
                LootItem(14, DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(6, 12)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(9),
                LootItem(17, DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(4, 8)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(8),
                LootItem(20, DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(2, 6)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(6),
                LootItem(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(6, 8)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(10),
                LootItem(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(5, 7)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(9),
                LootItem(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(4, 6)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(8),
                LootItem(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENT.qtyRange(2, 4)).looting(DRAGON_STONE_FRAGMENTS).minDiff(4),
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  5. How difficult would you say difficulty 7 is?