[HELP] Disappearing Animals

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Parkerjv, May 8, 2013.

  1. Hey,
    Some of my animals have been disappearing lately. No one has kill permission on my res.
    Is this a common EMC bug?
  2. Maybe they glitched out, I have that sometimes too. Or they despawned?
  3. Animals don't despawn in town...
  4. Disable enderpearl flags for everyone , I noticed that people were able to harm animals just by throwing ender pearls at them . Someone probably pearled them to death
  5. D:
  6. I'm sure my friend that has ender pearl flags wouldn't do that, but I'll check.
  7. Animals can suffocate and die if they are near solid blocks.
    Make sure you pen is made of non-solid blocks like fence, glass, leaf blocks, etc.
    Also if you have a dirt block step to get out of your pen, that can be a suffocation risk.
  8. My pet pig was in a tiny spot with solid blocks, would that be the cause?
  9. Sadly this is An issue with Mojang, not EMC its self all we need to do is to just wait for the next update
  10. ...where it probably won't be fixed :)
    lol jk, but seriously, there has been a long standing issue with animals getting through fences, and that has never been fixed either.