[Help] Creating an Outpost!

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Where should I make my Outpost?

Mushroom Island 2 vote(s) 25.0%
Forest Isle 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Mainland Biome 1 vote(s) 12.5%
1.7 Biome 5 vote(s) 62.5%
  1. So, I plan to create a wilderness outpost. Due to being busy and possible world generation errors, this would be after 1.7 comes out for EMC. I have been looking around and have located a few places, including a mushroom island, a forest island, and some good mainland pieces. So, I was wondering if I should choose one of those, or which one, or should I wait for a 1.7 biome? Please only click the last spoiler, I don't know why it made three.

    If in an Ice-Spikes Biome, Mega Tiaga Biome, Mesa Biome, or Flower Forest Biome, this allows for mining items that only spawn in those biomes.
    If in an Ice-Spikes Biome, you could make little dwellings in Ice Spires.
    If in a Mesa Biome, it would be great for mining stained clay.
    If in a Mesa Biome, you could make a cool little "Canyon Outpost" where players live in dug-out clay caves in the canyon.
    I would probably get more members.

    People would be searching for these biomes, so people may easily come across my outpost on live map.
    If others did find the area, they might mine away much of the natural beauty.
    As many people would set up outposts in 1.7 biomes land, griefers would have only to look for the right biomes to find an outpost.
    People living in the outpost might over-mine the natural terrain, especially Packed Ice, Stained Clay, Mossy Cobble, and Podzol.

    In other words, as cool as I think a mesa Pueblo Village would be, maybe I would be better of recreating that at my res and using it as a hotel. I also do have a couple of good sites picked out already for non-1.7 terrain.

    Next, I need suggestions. What buildings should I add? Should it be underground or on the surface? What kind of government is best? Should I make some buildings before opening the area to the public? Please, give me all your best tips!
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  2. I would do it underground but have a surface section as well, a Pueblo Village would be best. Also i would make i private until you have some basic building for newcomers to stay in and a sort of village hall. Once ready make a thread so people know you're there, but make an application form so you know with people are likely to ruin it for others. Finally my last tip would be to make it 10,000+ blocks from, say the north spawn then use a secret rail to get to it.

    If you need help when 1.7 comes to EMC i'm sure i can get the Volt XII Inc. Miners out there to help you mine out the bottom part (PM me and Mad_Miner24_7 to work out a deal). Good luck with your outpost! Also remember to choose a good name for the outpost!