[Help] Constant Exception Access Violations

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by WitherDoggie, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. Hello people of the Empire,

    Recently I have been receiving exception access violations about every 10-20 minutes. I have checked to make sure my java is up to date and I have tried restarting my computer. Both of these resulted in no change.

    This is the error report I get everytime.
  2. Could it be that you haven't assigned enough memory to java.
  3. My first guess would be drivers. Make sure your graphic drivers etc. are up to date. But, I'm not really that much of an expert with remotely troubleshooting minecraft.
  4. Java uses a quarter of my computer's memory. I only have 8GB so I didn't want to give java too much. Also I have never had this issue before, so I don't think this could be the cause.
    I checked my drivers and they are all up to date.
  5. I managed to find a temporary solution to the problem. I don't seem to have an issue if I play with forge installed, but I can't play with forge all the time, so I still need to find a permanent solution.
  6. I managed to solve the problem. Apparently something corrupted in the version folder and messed everything up (may have been me trying to set up something). All I had to do was reinstall the version I was trying to run and now it works fine.
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