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  1. Well as the name states, my new (OLD) desktop all of the sudden will not show any signs of life. When I press the power button, the fan turns on, but the monitor acts as if nothing happened, and there are no beeps. This all happened when I was restarting after overlocking the CPU, but now I can't revert the changes. This old dinosaur I'm trying to tweak has an AMD Athlon cpu (The only thing it says in CPU-Z is that it's a Thunderbird model) and a generic motherboard (can't remember the brand). Some people say online that it's the power supply, or something is shorting. I have no trouble finding most replacement parts, as I have 3 old parts computers. Since I know Empire usually has a few people who know about stuff like this (excluding me, I'm just learning more advanced stuff like this), I thought I might ask the community. Thanks! :)
  2. 1) a virus has been downloaded on your computer
    2) your computer has reached the end of it's life! buy a new one

    RIP old computer :(
  3. I agree with the people saying its the power supply! If you have a graphics card, unplug it and see if you can get enough power to reset your CPU speeds (if you feel comfortable doing that). I vaguely remember stuff about overclocking, but not all of it. Its done on the BIOS, right?
  4. You've dropped the voltage too low or the OC to high, Open up the case and take the button cell battery

    Give it 30 seconds and put it back in. This should reset the Over clock.
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  5. ... Listen to ^^^ :p
  6. Meh I don't NEED it, and it turns on. I can always use it for parts.
  7. Ah ok. I heard about this when fixing my old laptop. Thanks!
  8. You sound like my neighbor, Jtc: My hard drive's full. Time to go get a new one!

    What do you mean by being unable to revert your changes? Usually theres a way to reset the BIOS. If you mean that you've moved jumpers around without keeping track of the original settings and have no reference manual, I'd take a real close look at the board. Even if you can't find the model number, there's often an FCC number you can often use to find what you need.

    Put everything back to defaults and if it still doesn't work, I would blame it on the power supply first. Swap parts with a known entity and see what happens. If all else fails, take it all apart and try it with just the bare board.
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  9. Lets just say the video card is the only way to use the monitor. And yes, It's done in the BIOS.
  10. Pab already suggested it, but there should be a reset switch on most desktop motherboards. I would start there:)
  11. Yay! Thanks alot! The community has helped yet another person! I did what Joshposh said and reset the BIOS and it worked! :D
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  12. Your welcome, Make sure to be more sensible with the OC next time :)
  13. On my MoBo, there is a "Reset CMOS" Button on the back I/O board. It is safer than taking out the battery, but tis' all the same.
  14. yeah, I'm just good at putting the parts together, not really tweaking, although I am learning!
  15. Not all motherboards have that.
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  16. I would use AMD overdrive and Prime95 to overclock (Bump the multiplier up by 0.5x and then run Prime95 for 10 minutes or so, if it's stable bump the core clock up another 0.5 and repeat, don't mess with the voltage or you can kill your CPU in seconds) - Make sure to also monitor the temperatures, You don't want them getting above 55c (Use CPU-Z for that)
  17. Good advice, but will AMD overdrive and programs like that support an older processor like the one in my desktop?
  18. If it overclocks it should work.
  19. Looked on the site, I'm pretty sure that it won't work, as this is the original Athlon processor I believe. Although I did install the AMD Catalyst Control center for my newer video card and everything just seems to... run faster!
  20. At 100% CPU usage on my intel i5 2500k stock frequency, I get 60-75c