|HELP| Choosing Linux Version

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Porphos, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone! I have a 15 or 16 year old computer running XP and I am determined to upgrade the RAM and switch over to Linux to run a personal minecraft server more efficiently. I am not sure, however, which version of Linux would be best for me. I am not Aikar level of computer savvy, but I am definitely computer literate and could easily figure something new out. The problem is that I am not sure which version would be optimal for a server but still simple enough for someone who has a broader understanding of computers and only knows slightly more than basic code. I have heard that Ubuntu works well. Maybe Debian. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you! :)
    EDIT: I won't be able to upgrade the RAM or upgrade to Linux.
  2. Why the change? But the only real answer is Ubuntu 14.04 or flavors of it. Sure there are some nice distros out there, but none of them have the level of support and overall "Things working" as Ubuntu does.

    So unless your masochistic/elitist, Ubuntu is the primary choice (and there are "Flavors" of Ubuntu that change the Desktop Environment. For example I don't use the default, so I COULD of went with Linux Mint to ship with my preferred desktop by default, I just cant justify time resetting up everything on a Mint base when I can still get Cinnamon w/o massive work)
  3. I have a lot of old computers lying around the house and they serve me no purpose, and I would rather not run a server on the computer I use to play minecraft since it can barely handle minecraft. Also, most of my older computers run XP and I don't have the money to upgrade to a newer version. Switching over to Linux means that I don't have to pay money to upgrade my computer's version and that I will be able to have more power over it without running into legal issues. I have also heard that Linux generally runs more smoothly which will allow for more power to be put towards a personal server. Being a techie, I really like the concept of being able to manipulate a computer without as many issues. It wouldn't require very much work on my part either since I don't have anything of importance on this particular computer and I could just easily wipe it without concern and replace the operating system. Either way, its a win-win kind of situation.