[HELP!] Cat got Bitten by Snake!

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  1. Hello EMC, I need possibly a VET or something along those lines. Our cat (Australia) Has just been bitten by a Snake, we believe sometime yesterday, she has just been laying down, and we have put a blanket on her and kept her warm, she is paralysed (Looks like it at least). We have just given her some water in the eye dropper / syringe. We cannot take her to the Vets, its after 6pm, and we just don't have the money for the Anti-Venim.

    please help us on what we should do to help her, and hopefully get a recovery.
    It was a brown Snake
    SHE HAS survived a snake bite we believe before.
  2. Or if anyone has skype that is a Vet please feel free to PM Me and chat through with me, I can show you her as well.
  3. I help the best i could do but as i said im not a vet.
  4. It's fine :) I appreciate it :)
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