[HELP] Cant Pick Up My Items

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  1. I have been trouble picking up mob drops at my wild base. I kill my mobs with a drop and I can pick up some of their drops but not all. I can see the items but cannot pick them up. I stand over top of them and I cant pick them up. Has anyone else had this issue. It has been bothering me too much. 2013-02-25_17.28.11.png
  2. I believe Aikar said something about this once... Contact him or Maxarias to see if they can help.
    EDIT- Nice witch farm. ;)
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  3. Thank you, works well :)
  4. Taking a guess, smp7?
  5. No, it would have been the second place i built one
  6. In my experience, Minecraft sometimes renders items one level lower than they really are. For instance, when I've chopped down a tree, sometimes it looks like a sapling is on the ground, but when I try get it, I can't pick it up. However, if I then break the leaves above where it looks like the sapling is, it actually falls down, and then I can pick it up.

    If you get what I'm saying?
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  7. Witch grinder eh...
  8. Yes, witch grindaaaa. And Alex youre saying that it sort of "prerenders" the item. If so, I could believe that
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  9. This is just a Minecraft thing I believe and happens quite randomly to me, I can't say I remember what causes it but what alex said seems entirely possible.
  10. A quick solution would be to throw the same item on the ground next to you and it will clump together and you'll be able to pick up all the items.
  11. Bet you that works... Have you yourself done it?
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  12. Sometimes it works, others it just eats my item
  13. I think what happens is that the server and the client disagree on where the item ended up, so the client thinks it ended up down there, showing that, while the server thinks it's up there instead, so that when you go to get it, the server never sends the message "you picked it up" to the client, and so no pick up takes place.
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  14. This is happening to me, also with sugar cane farms. With the 2 levels of 40x40 that I harvest, I am only able to pick up 4-5 stacks. :/
  15. u might hav just lagged out it happens alot