[HELP] Buying a Computer

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  1. My mom is looking to buy a computer. All she needs is one for going on the internet, it has to be fast, has a camera, has a disc thingy, and is less than $2000. So can you techies out there recommend me some nice computers?
  2. Will you be using this new computer to game? Or is it just for her? Laptop or desktop?
  3. Laptop, and it's not for gaming.
  4. If she will just be on the internet almost anything will do.
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  5. 2000$ for a laptop, you could get anything you want, pretty much. I'd recommend the Asus G75vx (http://www.asus.com/ROG_ROG/G75VX/), my friend has it and it is amazing. 1200+ FPS in minecraft. If you want a desktop, however, that could get you a really good one with a nice monitor. If you want the desktop route, PM me and I can help you design one. :)
  6. I know a lot of good computers, but I would recommend that your mom goes t a store like best buy, and browse whch laptops/desktops she likes.
  7. Yeah, if all she needs is browsing the internet, great specs aren't that important. A place like Best Buy could probably help her out, and she could probably get one for under $750, spending 2k on a Facebook machine would be absurd :p
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  8. For browsing the internet, I would recommend either the 13 inch MacAir about $1100 or the Samsung Chromebook $250. These dont' have DVD drives but if she really wants one she can buy an external drive. Nowadays... who really needs a drive?
  9. Just wait for your harddrive to crash. Then you will want one. I would avoid Macs. They are pretty much the Burgerking toys of the computer market.
  10. Drives can be very useful if you plan on writing stuff to cd or dvd and for older programs that you can't download online.