[Help] Boundry Killed me.

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  1. Hey so i was mineing And Without warning i Reached the Wastelands Boundry. and i was under ground... Now i treid To Escape it and it killed me. Now i Could tell you Exactly What i had on me. But i doubt i'd get it Back. Here's A Screen Shot. 2014-01-27_13.45.06.png
  2. You should PM a senior staff member, they may be able to help you get your stuff back.
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  3. A mod might be able to get your stuff back, they got mine back before :p

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  4. So after many attempts i have gotten my stuff back Thanks to the help of a Fellow member. They risked there stuff to help me :p
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  5. Cool, I just headed out there to get your stuff and all I saw was some cobble.
  6. Just wondering, why was there no pickaxe in your hotbar? :confused:
  7. he just died?
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  8. I think that sword is soulbound.
  9. Yea its my turkey slicer
  10. Ya, you have to be careful in the waste. Nether or overworld. Luckily for me in the waste nether, it hurt me, but I did not die as it was more 'open' where I was and I got out in time.
    I almost died in the overworld by jumping down a hill, with it teleporting me into sand suffocating me. (I was attempting to get someones stuff after they died in this manner)
    I remember my Parents would always say, if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you?
    Well, they 'jumped off the bridge' and so did I, lol. I survived but didn't get their stuff for them.
  11. I think there should be more warning like you are approaching the boundary please turn back or something like that..
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  12. If all my friends jumped off of a bridge, would I?
    Of course. I'm friends with a fair amount of rational people, the majority of which would not jump off of a bridge without good reason. If all my friends, level minded as they may be,are jumping off a bridge, there must be a reason. The bridge is on fire? It's collapsing? In any case, they know its best to get out, and I probably ought to do the same.
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