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  1. As you can see in the title, letters get mixed up when I'm typing. When I type a sentence, the cursor goes back to a random point and I end up with a sentence like this:

    The littleweird. because they where do noying children ran until they fell down

    That's unedited. And it's getting really really annoying. What can I do to fix this, besides get a new laptop, which will not happen.

    Please help me!

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  2. This happens to me a lot. I'll be typing a report or paper and I notice I'm typing in the middle of another sentence. I think it has something to do with the touchpad, because my finger seems to float down a bit, then that happens.

  3. Make sure they are in this order? xD
  4. Sometimes this happens when my insert button gets pressed when Im hitting backspace you should try to avoid that.
  5. Maybe I'm touching the touchpad? I'll try it out...
    Yeah, they are.
  6. Wow thats very strange, ive never seen something happen like this. Maybe unplug it then re plug it back in? i really dont know, sorry
    Good luck with the key board :D
  7. Its likely the bottom of your hand. Happens to me all the time.
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  8. It happens when I don't press backspace.
    It is the keyboard on my laptop.
  9. Ok, thanks. It probably is. I just don't notice it.
  10. i have this exact problem, i never look at my keyboard when typing so its not much of an issue for me most of the time. its a problem where you touch the touch pad, either by mistake or on purpose. my laptop comes with a button to lock the touch pad ( if your's doesn't have one, go into the control panel and disable it from there )
  11. Can you adjust the touchpad sensitivity on your laptop?
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  12. *fail for me* i thought you were on a desktop (wow thats a fail)
  13. I'll try it. It'll probably work.
  14. Alternatively: you could buy a mouse, the one I use, the HP x4000, is relatively good and costs about 30 usd